“Annie’s Crazy Love Scares Me,She shouldn’t Always Depend On Me For Happiness”- TuFace Spills(VIDEO)

Legendary singer,2face Idibia has revealed his wife,Annie Idinia is crazily in love with him, so much so that she can burn herself to keep him warm and it scares him.   The veteran singer who has two babymamas and 7 children, disclosed this during a conversation with South African media personality Khanyi Mbau in Netflix exclusive series,Young Famous And African.   Khanyi Mbau who was bothered about how emotionally broken Annie is in her marriage, called 2face Idibia asides to talk to him just before they renewed their marital vows.   “I have grown to love your wife so much and she is crazy but as time went on, i got to understand her….do you know how much she loves you? She will burn herself to keep you warm…”
Affirming her statement, 2face Idibia nodded and responded saying “yes it is scary… I feel it, she shows it even more than I do…it is scary sometimes”   And Khanyi cut in saying “like the pyscho it is crazy”   Speaking on, 2face Idibia said “She has always shown me how much she loves me, she shows it more than I do…..I recognize where i have done wrong, where i should step up my game, sometimes I fall Short but i recognise it all. The truth is, there are some things that I can’t fix, the ultimate level of happiness as an adult should depend on you and not on anyone else but on you.”   When asked how he is helping Annie heal after the cheating scandal and babymama drama she deal with, 2face Idibia said “I try my best, i try to make her see life, then one or two may be small gifts just for upliftment of the spirit….and then some of the big things as well!”   Watch Video Below;  
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