Domestic Violence Allegations: Bella Breaks Silence On Relationship With Sheggz

Reality star Bella has shunned fans who think she will break up with Sheggz due to the allegations against him.

Bella said she doesn’t believe what the internet says about him, as she hasn’t witnessed it herself.

This is coming months after Sheggz ex girlfriend accused the BBNaija star of domestic violence.

Bella said:

“I’m one to experience things myself. I’m not that kind of person that will go on Google and try to watch something or try to google something. I’m actually not that kind of person. I heard about the thread but I didn’t watch it and I don’t plan on watching it.”

When asked about her plans for herself if the relationship she shared with Sheggz didn’t eventually work out, she expressed disappointment at the fact that people were actually expecting the ship to sink.

She said:

“What do you mean by incase the ship doesn’t work out? Okay per se break up happens right? Why is the ship involved in this conversation? Like I’m the one here right? Bella is here. I want to talk about myself. I mean this space is about my fans and supporters and it should be all about me. My personal life will always be my personal life. No one has to be involved. Everyone has their personal lives. You know what you’re going through, you know what you’ve been through. I mean you know where you’re coming from so that should be off limits.”

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