‘Fear Women’ – Reactions As Man Films Lady In His Bed Chatting With Her Boyfriend

An online video shows a woman having a WhatsApp conversation with her lover while lying in another man’s bed.

She was being recorded by the person she was with, who thought she had gone to see a male during their conversation.

She lied to her boyfriend, telling him she could never do that, but he persisted in having doubts about her seeing other guys.

She asked her partner to set up a data subscription for her in an effort to alter the subject and steer the conversation away from her actions.

In order to raise awareness about how some women deceive and lie to the people they are in relationships with, the man who hosted her in his home uploaded the video.

The similar attitude was expressed on social media, and users responded in the comments area.

Watch the video below:


oliv3rtwist101She still Dey ask the poor boy for sub… ? so that he no go do mistake call her on video

official_williamNormally na women cheat pass

pablodc__xxHim alone go soon dey alone?

sekemi_ajSMH ?‍♂️ normally e dey happen make you no just carry woman for head

stunner_movementJust dey play

dmeek_If you still dey trust woman na you foolish pass normally ????

yels_011And she get nyash?

oriade0Don’t trust woman ?

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