How my signature blue shirt came about – Sabinus makes hilarious revelation, reflects on other issues (Video)

Popular skit maker, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, better known as Sabinus or Mr. Funny opens up on how his signature blue shirt in his comedy videos came about.

Speaking in an interview with News Central, the content creator was asked how and why he adopted a blue shirt as his regular attire; whether it was intentional or by chance.


Sabinus in response noted that the first blue shirt he used was given to him by a friend known as Ndubuisi who currently resides in Lagos. According to him, he wanted to shoot a skit one day and his clothes weren’t dry so his friend gave him the blue shirt and urged him to try it out.


He avowed that after donning it for that particular skit, he liked the appearance and decided to make it his signature wear.


Sabinus also spoke on why he doesn’t portray nudity or come up with women-based content which he said was partly due to the family he came from and secondly, the type of movies he watched.


He also spoke about the challenges he faces in the skit-making business.


Watch the video HERE


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