“I Want To Sleep With Portable, He Has A Big D*ck”- Nigerian Lady Cries Out

A Nigerian girl has expressed her desire to sleep with Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable.

She thinks Portable appears to have a really large manh00d, and she would want a taste of it.

“I just seen this video of Portable performing,” she wrote in a TikTok post, “and I don’t know whether my eyes are playing tricks on me, but he appears like he got a big D.”

The video has caused mixed reactions among Nigerian social media users, with many rebuking her and others praising her for being “real” with what she wants.

One Linconl_city_empire wrote, “Sometimes I thank God for my family members”


One ajaegbu01 wrote, “I love her already, these kind of women are really strict in real life…. You see those ones wey go come online dey claim say D no Dey even enter their body…. Stay with them for few hours & see for yourself”


Eromosele_11 wrote, “Stupid people everywhere…. Una no dey ever talk reasonable things for this social media”

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