Permission to ship? – Fans gush over adorable video of Beauty and Adekunle’s Ndani TGIF episode

Big Brother Naija season 7 Level up reality television stars, Adekunle Tobilola Olopade and Beauty Tukara had lots of fun during a question and answer session at Ndani TGIF Show.

The show, which always features BBNaija stars and some entertainment personnel every Friday had the disqualified housemate and Level up show 3rd runner-up answer questions being put across to them.

The rule of the game simply stipulates that when a question is asked, and they respond with a wrong answer, both of them would have to take one shot of alcohol each.

Again, if when answering a question, they make use of the words, YES or NO, they would have to take another shot of alcoholic drink each as penalty.

So, in this TGIF Show with Adekunle and Beauty, the reality stars were able to partially prove they’re very smart and intelligent duo.

One of the issues they had was the use of YES or NO for their answers which had them take a lot of shots, hence, becoming quite tipsy at the end of the session.

The video melted many hearts on social media as fans commented on how good both stars looked together.

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