So deep – celebrities touched as Sola Allyson, Lateef Adedimeji duet at worship hangout(VIDEO)

Netizens, fans have been left speechless over the duet of Gospel singer Sola Allyson and actor Lateef Adedimeji at an event.

In a video that has gone viral, Lateef is seen singing about God’s goodness and how he was shown mercy. Sola came in with the popular Christian song ‘Olorun To Lagbara’ before the actor rendered Quranic recitation in another clip of the video . See video below:

In a recent Instagram post, the gospel singer appreciated Lateef for sharing the ministration process together. She wrote:

“We had a GOOD time at the hangout! Oh, we had a good time! We were not alone! Helps from The Realms came to be with us! They brought goodies! We were breathed into, taught, awakened, jolted back where we were lagging in destiny!

“I am GRATEFUL I was aware that I should do that and encouragement came for me! Thank you Anti @tayofak Thank you maaaaaa! Thank you @adedimejilateef Thank you for sharing of the PROCESS!”

The actor, who is a Muslim, also posted a similar video of the ministration on Instagram. Still applauding him on his performance, Sola wrote:

“THANK YOUUUUU blessed Abdul-Lateef!! Thank you for staying through. Thank GOD for you! May GRACE abound for you! May blessings be for you beyond your imaginations. May life be KIND to you, in all. O ṣé gaannn! Thank you for sharing your gift with mine. It was so beautiful and GLORIOUS to GOD from Whom our gifts were bestowed on us.”

Several celebrities and fans also commented and praised the duo for their performance. See below:


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