“Stay Away From Nini”-‘Nini’s Boyfriend Confronts Saga For Flirting With Her On Instagram Live Session,Emmanuel Discusses Liquorose(VIDEO)

Reality star,Nini Singh in a recent Instagram live session invited Co-reality stars, Saga and Emmanuel Umoh to address some misconceptions among fans.   The BBNaija’s stars had an interesting conversation on love, the sailing ‘ships’, and relationships.
In the video Emmanuel was all smiles as he joined Saga on Nini’s instagram session. Saga asked Emmanuel to address the fans’ questions regarding Liquorose’s whereabouts. In response, Emmanuel declared he and Liquorose are good, also stressed that they are still friends.   Nini’s Boyfriend, who she addressed as Tobe, joined the Instagram session. Tobe tackled Saga over how he chats and flirts with Nini regularly.   READ ALSO:Actors Are Enjoying oo-Fans Express Concern As Van Vicker Is Seen Smooching And Pressing Lady’s Butts In The Name Of Acting(VIDEO)   However, Saga’s efforts to calm him down proved abortive as he claimed he has bottled up his emotions for month. Nini on the other hand, found the whole scenario funny.
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