“What Manner Of Wealth Is This?”- Davido Acquires New Private Jet(VIDEO)


Nigerian Singer, Davido has acquired a new private jet according to a post made by his personal body guard

The singer owns a private jet alleged to be his father’s.

Davido recently proclaimed that the acquisition of his first private jet was through hard work and not slacking.

A source alleged that the FIA crooner only had fractional ownership of his previous jet and that the real financiers of the private jet decided to step back, in order to give Davido a stand and give him prominence. It was said that his revelation of the private jet was only to give him an edge over other musicians in the music industry, in other words, it was only referred to as hype and nothing more.

Davido Private Jet Price Rumoured To Be – N9.7 Billion

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The private jet, however, is said to be shared with Davido and some other people who paid large sums of money for it, and this put the social media platform in chaos.

While some people laughed at the singer for being a fake individual, some other people who are known to be his true fans, came to his defense and bashed the source that alleged the claims.

Fingers are crossed on the issue, and while there is yet to be a response from Davido, he acquired another one to shut critics.

  In a post made by the Crooner’s bodyguard, Davido has acquired a new private jet and is set to land the country next month. A Fact Check by BENSANEWS also showed that the singer started following a Private Jet acquisition brand right after theannouncement.     Watch Video Below;  
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